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Vocal/Performance Coaching

Picture yourself on stage for a moment. The house lights go down, and the stage lights come up. The spotlight shines directly on you. You grab the mic. The audience hushes, anxiously awaiting your first song.


Now, imagine what it would be like to have absolutely no thought or concern about “what your voice sounds like” or “what it will sound like” at that moment. Your voice is there — always there — always on pitch — and singing is truly effortless for you.

How much more of a connection could you establish with your fans if you never had to think about your voice? How much more freedom would you have to truly perform — to truly connect with your audience?


Victor's students and clients have performed on NBC, Jimmy Kimmel Live, NBC's The Voice , American Idol, MTV, The Shakespeare Theater, The X Factor, The Michael J Fox Show, The Today Show, Fox 5, Off-Broadway, Broadway, Netflix, Nickelodeon and have also produced singles, feature films, music videos, full albums and have been featured in syndicated comercials.  Visit Here for Victor's full biography.


FUN FACT: Did you know that Victor 's younger sister is also in the Entertainment Industry as a Global Celebrity Stylist? Their combined contacts and years of experience in the entertainment industry have made them a dynamic brother/sister duo! Check out Michele Lopez's website to see! 

Victor will customize his coaching sessions  based on each clients' needs and goals. Generally, he may address the following and much more:













How to Sing without Strain or Fatigue


How to Increase Your Vocal Range by a Full Octave


Proper Diaphragm and Breath Control


How to Build Endurance and Strengthen Your Vocal Cords


How to Sing with Twice the Vocal Power


Learn to Create Dynamics and Flexibility in your Voice


Learn the Perfect Warm-up


How to Perfect Any Singing Style and Develop Your Unique Sound


How to create a great concert set


How to blend your head and chest voice

Touring Support


Singing while moving


Audition Preparation


Ear Training & Pitch Accuracy


Microphone Techniques


Vocal Projection


How to deliver an Emotional Song


Studio Recoring Techniques


Comercial Singing Techniques


Vocal Endurance & Health


Performing without fear


Conquering Stage Fright

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